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Gifts that Pay Income

Make a charitable gift that “gives back” in more ways than one—supplementing your own income in your lifetime while helping Mass General Brigham Home Care’s patients find their strength.

There are a variety of ways to support Mass General Brigham Home Care that can generate an attractive, reliable income stream for you and your family. Moreover, these special gift vehicles enable you to give more to Mass General Brigham Home Care than you otherwise thought possible.

How to Contribute

Impact the lives of people suffering from a debilitating illness or recovering from a traumatic event.

Common Life Income Options

● Charitable gift annuity: In exchange for your charitable gift of $10,000 or more to Mass General Brigham Home Care, you receive a fixed and guaranteed income stream for life, based on the age of those receiving the income.

● Charitable remainder trust: This flexible option pays income to you or your other beneficiaries, either for life or a term of up to 20 years. Payments from a charitable remainder trust could grow over time, depending on a number of factors.

With both of these gift vehicles, donors typically enjoy an income tax charitable deduction equal to a portion of the gift amount and avoid any up-front capital gains taxes.

Benefit Mass General Brigham Home Care Now and Your Heirs Later

You also could establish a charitable lead trust that will pay income to Mass General Brigham Home Care now, with the remainder going in the future to your heirs. Such a gift could result in significant gift or estate tax savings, while providing an immediate impact for Mass General Brigham Home Care.

We encourage you to consult your own advisors about these life income options. For more information and to receive a sample gift illustration based on your age, or to explore how these gift plans could work for you, please contact John MacRae, Senior Director of Principal and Major Gifts, at 617-952-6811, or

Imagine Your Impact

At a time when an increasing number of individuals seek safe, independent, and quality care in their home, support for home care services has never been more necessary.

Your gift to Mass General Brigham Home Care can make a real difference...starting now.