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A Gift of Gratitude

Frank Morrison decided to make a donation in honor of his caregiver Jill, a registered nurse with Mass General Brigham Home Care. When he told his wife Kathie, she responded with, “I’ll match that!” Because, in fact, Frank and Kathie are both Jill’s patients. Read how Jill reacted, below.

Whether it is in honor of a care provider, in memory of a loved one, or simply in solidarity with the mission of Mass General Brigham Home Care, your unrestricted gift today will be a meaningful statement of support.


Impact in Action

“Jill gives me the support I need so I can devote my strength to the things I love to do.” ~  Kathie Malley-Morrison

 Frank and Kathie, grateful patients

The Mass General Brigham Home Care approach made it possible for Frank and Kathie to stay together in their home and build a trusted bond with their shared care provider. When she heard about the Morrisons’ gifts, Jill was touched. “I believe that through the one-on-one interactions and teaching that are part of home care, I can really impact someone’s life over time,” Jill said. “I’m so glad I could be there for Frank and Kathie.”


Imagine Your Impact

At a time when an increasing number of individuals seek safe, independent, and quality care in their home, support for home care services has never been more necessary.

Your gift to Mass General Brigham Home Care can make a real difference...starting now.