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Staff Testimonials

Our staff share their thoughts about working at Mass General Brigham Home Care:

“I love the passion our staff has for taking such wonderful care of their patients. There is a true team approach – all disciplines communicate and work together to keep patients safe and at home, which is where they want to be.”
MaryBeth, Clinical Manager, Ironworks Team
“I really respect the people I work with and I always look forward to seeing them every day. They are such caring and compassionate group of people, I feel very lucky and privileged to be working with them.”
Xiomara, Administrative Assistant, Beverly
“Since I joined Mass General Brigham Home Care five years ago, I have felt as if I were a part of a family. My team and peers are a pleasure to work with.”
Sandra, Clinical Manager, Blue Hills Team
“I would like to express my gratitude to my friends, colleagues and administration in the South Region for the overwhelming support this past year. In March, I was diagnosed with cancer, was out of work for close to six months and was able to return part time through the completion of my chemo therapy. I’ve been back full time since November. I love my job and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. I feel like Mass General Brigham Home Care is family.”
John, Physical Therapist, Adams Team
“I like the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. In my role, I feel like I accomplish so much by helping others keep their relatives and loved ones safe at home.”
Coreen, Lifeline Assistant
“I appreciate the support of my manager and co-workers. All of the clinical staff supports each other to excel at our jobs and keep patient care goals.”
Amy, RN
"Between your classes, being with my preceptor and shadowing/co-treating with other disciplines I feel very comfortable and competent that I can do my job appropriately and efficiently to be the best PTA I can be and help our patients have the best outcomes they can have."
Tammy, PTA, Endicott Team